Our research group aims to utilize biological resources from tropical and subtropical plants for environmental conservation and improved human health. We induce environment stress-related genes in mangroves to develop stress-tolerant crops, and to increase agricultural productivity. Our focus is on the biological function of terpenoids in mangrove trees. These lipids increase with salt stress, and our research group has proposed its putative role in protecting against salt stress for the first time. Another research topic is the application of biological activity of natural resources to treat the lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, atherosclerosis and cancer. One recent study put much focus on the tumor selective cytotoxicity of natural compounds in tropical and subtropical plants. Among these, nitidine has been isolated and characterized as a cancer specific anti-cancer agent. Continuing research work in this field may open up the possibility for development of safe cancer chemotherapy with low side effects.

  • 長命草の抗肥満物質としてプテリキシンが発見され、脂肪組織と肝臓に対するその作用が明らかになりました。
  • ボタンボウフウに含まれる機能性分子の地域特性


Position Name
Professor Hirosuke OKU
Associate Prof. Hironori IWASAKI
Assistant Prof. Masashi INAFUKU