Okinawa prefecture belongs a humid subtropical climate area which is quite rare in the earth, and unique land and ocean eco-systems cover the prefecture. However, these eco-systems are degraded by various human activities. Our research subjects include the conservation of the eco-systems in substantial manners. We now concentrate on invaded plants. This research subject includes the prevention of road kill and the improvement of land scape.

Although seagrass beds are important ecosystems, their study is not active especially in the subtropical region. We carry the quantitative analysis of bioproduction in representative seagrasses and further reveal their life cycle. Results of these studies are used for industrial and educational purposes. Each of seagrass species has its own pollination mechanism, and we study this mechanism referring to floral morphology. We pay special attention to Enhalus acoroides.

  • Planting of Zoysia matrella
    Planting of Zoysia matrella
  • Planting of Thuarea involuta
    Planting of Thuarea involuta
  • Flowers of Enhalus acoroides
    Flowers of Enhalus acoroides


Position Name
Professor Tokushiro TAKASO